Want to know to navigate yourself successfully through life? Keep calling plays. Keep adjusting.

When an airline pilot leaves JFK International Airport in New York heading for London, he sets his heading as soon as he gets airborne. Does he then forget about it, leaving it alone for the rest of the trip across the Atlantic until arrival in Gatwick Airport? No!

There are wind currents, there is weather, there are forces influencing the planes flight every step of the way. All of these work to push the plane off course. The pilot makes constant adjustments to keep the plane on course.

On every flight the adjustments are different because the wind and weather is never exactly the same. It couldn’t be on a 3450 mile trip across the ocean. You want to make the trip? Then someone has to fly the plane!

It’s exactly the same in your life.

You decide where you want to go. You get started and then things happen. Most of the time they are things you could have never predicted.

So what are you supposed to do? Quit? No—adjust!

If you quit you’ll never get anywhere. Instead, call a shot. Make a course correction. Get back on track! Keep moving towards your goal. As soon as something pops up to get in your way to knock you off course, call another shot and keep doing it until you get until you get to where you want to go.

Getting to where you want to go in life is full of unexpected challenges. When they appear, call a shot and keep on moving forward!


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