Can You Be Tough Enough?

Leadership has incredible rewards.

It’s like having your own business in that the people at the top get the biggest rewards. That’s because they have the biggest responsibility. When all is said and done, they’re the ones who take the burden of the blame when the team or company fails. Fingers may be pointed in other directions, but everyone knows who’s really responsible. It’s the leader. 

Business demands results. They have to make money.
Business doesn’t care about:

  • How hard you worked
  • How much you wanted to win
  • How much you helped the community
  • How much you enjoyed your work
  • How much extra effort you put in
  • What great relationships you have with others on the team
  • How much potential you have
  • What great possibilities you have for the future
  • How many degrees you have
  • How much success you’ve had in the past
  • How many awards you’ve won in the past

Business demands results today. All of these other ingredients are vitally important and necessary but they only realize their value if they combine to produce results today. The reason is if the business is not making money today, it’s going to be closed tomorrow.  

That’s why the rewards are so great for the leaders. The responsibility falls ontheir shoulders. They have to make things happen. They’ve got a lot of things they have to do:

  • Assemble a quality team
  • Inspire the team to great effort
  • Keep the team focused
  • Make sure the team meets their deadlines
  • Overcome all surprising interruptions
  • Quickly identify and fix problems so performance is not effected

In spite of whatever happens they have to make sure that what needs to get done, and gets done on time. If they can’t do it they get replaced by someone who can because this is the world of no excuses. Too many people and too much money are involved to tolerate failure. As a result those who can get the job done become incredibly valuable. Their payoff is huge.  

It seems cruel for those who fail, but it’s not. It’s reality. If you can’t produce, you should not be in that position. The team can fail without you. The only reason for your existence in leadership is to produce growth and success. It’s the only way to establish that you are the right person in the right place at the right time.  

The world needs more great leaders. Can you be tough enough to be one?

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