You Can Beat the Quitter in You

You never want to beat yourself.

Every day, in every moment and in every situation you have choices. You have to decide if you’re going to be consistent, stay the path and keep on going or back off. If you are personally racked with doubts and indecisive you will never be effective. You can’t decide for others, but you can sure decide for yourself.  

Bill Stewart is an inspiration to tens of thousands.
He has achieved tremendous business success reaching the title of Senior National Sales Director and building a business that generates over a million dollars a year income. But those achievements are dwarfed by his life of service to others. He started his career on the staff with Campus Crusade for Christ in ministry and has continued to minister to others in various ways ever since. From building an orphanage in India to conducting growth workshops all over the country he has become a special person to many. Here’s a poem he wrote on this subject.  

One of the Two 
By Bill Stewart ©2009

You are in a race called life,
As you face your challenges and strife.
Sometimes the path is smooth and clear,
Other times it’s filled with pain and fear.

Others stride with ease it seems,
Making headway toward their dreams.
Sometimes for you it’s not such fun,
You to want quit, before you’re done.

Your race is not won at the finish line
And it’s not a loss when you’re behind.
The true race is won deep in your heart,
When you’ve refused to quit from the very start.

Maybe you’ve fallen and you’ve taken a hit
And you’re wondering if you should just quit.
You may not beat others, yes, that is true,
But you surely can beat the quitter in you.

The decision is yours, just yours to make,

Accept what life offers or get what you take.

So sit there or run, it’s all up to you,

You’ll be a winner or quitter, one of the two!

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