Fifth Grader Makes Varsity

You may not be dreaming, but others are.

And they are on the way up fast. They don’t care about limits, they just find something they love and pursue it morning, noon and night. Often times they start from nowhere but they move to the top in record time. Justin Bieber did it in music. He started singing as a child in a remote Canadian town, but before he was 18 years old he was selling out concerts in Madison Square Garden.

Julian Newman doesn’t love singing, he loves basketball.
He’s a 70 pound, 4-foot-tall bundle of basketball energy. To say he plays basketball at age 11 is to say Mozart played the piano at 11. He is taking the basketball world by storm. By scoring 91 points with his age group team, he forced his promotion to Varsity. Not even his small size 4 feet hold him back. In warm ups he practices bouncing 2 balls at once. Like Bieber, YouTube has propelled his fame to a global audience with over a million views. There’s a great article that details his story in the February 17th edition of the New York Times by Mike Tierney.

What does his success tell us?
It tells us things we already know but find so hard to believe, until we see real live living examples. It tells us that you can dream and achieve great things. It tells you that just because nobody else has ever done something doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. It tells us that a little bit of talent combined with a ton of passion and activity can overcome all obstacles. It tells us that the future can be bigger, better and brighter for anyone who is passionate.

Take a moment and introduce yourself to young Mr. Newman. It will do you good.

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