Do You Have the Mark of Insanity?

There’s 3 reasons people do the same thing over and over.

Actually doing things over and over can be really smart.  And it’s how most buisneses make their millions.  They find a niche, service or product and they do it or make it over and over and over again.  Like milking a cow they have found their calling and they do it over and over.  They may get better equipment and better techniques.  They do the same thing over and over.  

But it doesn’t make sense to keep doing things over and over when you don’t like the results you’re getting.  So why do people do that?  Why do they get caught up in that trap?

The first reason is they’ve stopped caring.

They’re going through the motions.  They’re just existing.  They’ve lost their drive and the best way to understand it is that they’ve lost their hope of things being better.  They are just trying to endure and survive.  They’ve reached the point where they just don’t care anymore.  They’ve been disappointed too many times.  Someone may come up with a better plan for them, but now they don’t care.

The second reason is people who have lost hope.

This group still cares.  They’ve just lost hope that they can get a different result.  They’ve done the same thing so many times, and they’ve tried many different variations but nothing seems to make any different.  They’ve given up any hope that there’s any adjustment they could make that would make any big difference.  So now they just keep doing the same things over and over because it is futile to make any extra effort.  If they were convinced, if they saw a reason to change they would, but they just don’t see it happening.

The third reason is that they’re just insane.

Their mind doesn’t work anymore.  They’re doing a mechanical, repetitive activity and they don’t seem to notice the fact that it’s not getting them anywhere.  They seem to expect a different result.  They think if they just keep doing it, eventually, magically it will get better.  They have no reason to believe that.  They have no proof that will happen.  They just believe it will.  They are insane.  

You don’t want to ever be stuck in any of these groups.  

You don’t want to spend your life going through the motions doing the same old unsatisfying, “get nowhere” results.  You want to live.  You want to be excited.  You want to be energized and moving up.  

And above all you certainly don’t want to be stuck in group 3.  You don’t want to be stuck forever pursuing something that never pays off.  

Of course you don’t want to quit either.  You want to give things a chance to prove that they’re valid or not, but at some point you’ve got to see results.  If those results aren’t coming after a significant investment of time, energy and effort then make a change.  Get going in a new direction because you’ve found that the road your on isn’t taking you anywhere.

As W.C. Fields once said “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  But if you don’t succeed then, move on because you don’t want to be a damn fool about it”

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