Do You Want an Easy Future?

We all look forward to an easier future.

While working it’s encouraging to think that one day it’ll be different. One day life will be easy. One day the stress will be all gone. We’ll be able do what we want, eat what we want and the pressure will be off. We won’t have to grind away anymore. The rat race will be behind us! It’s exhilarating to think about.

Can’t we just relax? 
We would prefer the “Grow or Die Principle” just go away because growth always involves doing things that you would really rather not do.Growth always involves a price and we’d like to think we would reach a point where life wouldn’t put anymore demands on us.

  • We’d all rather goof off than work…rather sleep in than get up and get after it.
  • We’d all rather joke and have happy talk with our friends and family than deal with serious issues.  
  • We’d all rather eat all we want every time we sat down to eat, and load up on dessert.

Let’s assume you do the right things

  • Hopefully you’ll plan ahead, put money away and you don’t have to scramble in an emergency
  • Hopefully you will take care of yourself and yourhealth will be good.
  • Hopefull you’ll address difficult problems and face the truth even when it’s hard

But even if you do all those things, don’t think life will ever get to the point where all you have to do is sit back and eat cotton candy all day. Life simply doesn’t work like that. You could fairly ask, ‘exactly why does it have to be like that?’

Reality: The demands of life never go completely away
Even if retired, you’ll want to keep an eye on your finances. You’ll be spending money but now that you’re not working, you want to make sure your money in investments is working and even growing 

Even with your health, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your eating and activity habits to stay in top shape. How can you enjoy your later years without health?

Even keeping up with your family and friends you’ll want the joy and satisfaction of being involved in their lives. They’ll be times things come up with them that will cause inconveniences in your schedule and even create stress…it’s all a part of being involved in their lives. When they hurt, you hurt.

There’s always a price. Unless you want to see your life disintegrate rapidly you’re always going to have to be doing a certain amount of these “unpleasant things” because they are the key to things that you want.    


If you stop monitoring your diet, eating as much of the gooey goodies that you like all day long, pretty soon you’ll turn into a gooey blimp yourself.  

If you avoid paying attention to your finances, pretty soon you’ll find yourself in trouble with the IRS, the bank, and all the other people with whom you have financial connections. 

If you stop watching your health and pushing yourself to stay active, your health will suffer and make daily living difficult—and could even do permanent damage without crucial exams and doctor visits.

If you ignore your family and friends you will find yourself becoming isolated, lonely and depressed—the opposite of what you have worked for all your life.

The pressures and demands of life aren’t bad…they are necessary to keep you from growing old and stale! 

  • They keep you fresh, energized and motivated.
  • They give you new reasons for living
  • They create opportunities for new friendships and adventures
  • They allow you to use the experience and lessons you have accumulated
  • They give you new reasons to make a difference in people’s lives

You may never have a life full of nothing but “Donuts, Soft Pillows and Happy Talk,” but you may eventually agree that it’s a VERY good thing that you don’t!

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