Want a picture of winning?

Here’s a simple and vivid example…
consider rock climbers.

It seems deceptively simple. Something almost anyone who learns the skills, gets some basic equipment and is willing to get in shape can do. Of course, you want to get an expert to “show you the ropes”…just kidding.

There are so many aspects of winning illustrated here
With a simple set of learned skills you can do amazing things.

  • You can satisfy yourself climbing indoors in downtown climbing centers or you can move outdoors and climb the real thing.
  • You can do simple small rock faces or travel the world attempting the incredible giant rock faces.
  • You can reach your own level of satisfaction and be perfectly happy or get inspired and take on bigger and bigger challenges.
  • You can stay involved in your own circle of friends or reach out and meet others with the same interests around the world.

But you can never take things for granted
No matter how long you’ve climbed, no matter how many summits you have reached…you still must be as careful and cautious as when you started. One wrong move and bad things start happening quickly. You never get wings…you always can fall…just like anyone else.

As long as you are willing to pay the price…stay in shape, maintain quality equipment and maintain safe climbing practices you can continue. If you start cutting corners…trouble will come quickly.

And it all comes down to one skill
You have to take the next step…carefully. You go to the top one step at the time. One careful step at a time. Each meticulously planned and executed perfectly. Once done…you move your focus to the next. You pick a route. Then you make adjustments as you make your steps. When things go wrong…your backup plan kicks in. Without backup plan you are in trouble. That’s why you have a rope, that’s why you secure the rope at key points…so if you lose your grip you minimize the danger. Only the proven attempt the free climbs without ropes. If they doubt they can do it, they don’t try.

One step at a time.
Them against the wall—the rewards are at the top. Once there, they can take a picture to show you…but you’ll never have the thrill they have. Only winners know the real thrill of winning.

Winning isn’t that complicated…like rock climbing, if you want it bad enough to go through the steps, it can happen to you.

Image: Sura Nualpradid /

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