Body language takes precedence over the words someone says. Do you think you'd like to work with this guy?

Body language takes precedence over the words someone says. Do you think you’d like to work with this guy?

Some of the biggest decisions you’ll make in life are related to your job, your career. Where are you going to work? What are you going to do?

The best advice I ever heard on this subject came from Art Williams. He said to follow your instincts

“If your instincts say to you, “I like these people, I like what they do, I believe I could get excited about this, this is my kind of company” — then and only then should you join us. If you don’t have those feelings, stay away — for you will only be disappointed.”

Of course you’ll want the facts. You want to check out the company. You want to get the details of their offer. But beyond that you want to pick up on the intangibles. What is the body language you are picking up on? That’s the biggest indicator. 

What is your gut telling you? Are you starting to naturally get excited about what you are hearing, who you are meeting and the possibilities you would have there?

Get the information. Ask your questions. Consider it carefully.

Then finally, trust your gut!

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