Everybody needs ladders.

Need to change a light bulb? Get the ladder. Need to clean the gutters? Get the ladder. Need to get the cat out of the tree? Get the ladder.

Goals are like ladders
It’s really very simple. If I want to go some place high, the ladder is the plan to get there. If I want to move up in life, goals are the way to get there. 

Goal setting is easy if you think of it like using a ladder. 

  • I look up and decide where I want to go…my target 
  • Find the ladder…get your plan
  • I stabilze the ladder against the target
  • I start moving up the ladder step by step
  • I keep moving until I get there, one step at a time
  • Finally I get there, I do it, I arrive…I win!

Here’s how you make goal setting hard

  • I decide where I want to go…my goal—but it’s a little foggy and unclear. Then I jump up and down and get frustrated because I can’t reach it.  
  • I get my game plan…then I start thinking and re-thinking about my plan more than my goal and never get started.
  • I start my game plan…but then I get distractedand stop moving forward.
  • I wind up back where I started…and then think the reason I’m there is because I’m a bad “goal setter.”

The problem is not my goal setting. The problem is not understanding how the goal setting process works.  

Goal setting is not rocket science, it’s a process and you don’t have to be a genius to be successful at it.

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