We’re all great goal setters when we have to be.
Give us a crisis and a deadline and we become goal setting pros! The proof of this is how we respond when we have a deadline.  

We may have been goofing off, wondering around and wasting time, but once a deadline pops up we spring into action: 

  • Automatically we calculate how much time is left, what needs to be done, what we can do ourselves, and what we’re going to have to get help on.
  • At this point no one has to tell us to work hard because we automatically go into overdrive getting things done in rapid fire fashion.
  • We race to the finish line… once again pulling out a miracle at the last minute! 

Yet most people think of themselves as very poor goal setters.
This idea comes from the fact that there comes a time where they say they’re.. 

  • going to lose weight
  • save a certain amount of money
  • go for certain improvement
  • learn how to speak a language
  • learn how to play an instrument
  • clean out the garage and closets
  • reach a new record goal at work

…and then fail miserably.  As a result they say “I’m just lousy at goal setting.”

The truth is, you just need to understand a little bit more about how it works.
For one thing, there’s a difference between long term and short term goals.  There’s a difference between big picture and little picture goals. All that’s needed is a little bit more insight into how goal setting works because in reality you have already mastered it, you’re just not aware that you have.  

Here’s the trick: Once you understand how it works you can use it to stay in front of crisis.
Instead of being forced to spring into action in a panic mode because a critical deadline is racing at you, now you will be able to use your time and step by step keep moving towards places and directions you want to go in your life in a rational normal manner. Knowing how this works will allow you to achieve much more in every area of your life. This will give you a sense of control about your time, your finances, your money, that you’ve never had before.  

Tomorrow we’re going to look at a simple example of how one person learned how goal setting works. One example is all it will take for the light bulb to go on. You’ll see how simple it is.  You’ll see that you already know how to do it, but then you’ll be able to apply this skill more regularly in your life to move forward.

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