Your quality of life directly proceeds from the decisions you make

Whether you are privileged to grow up in a democracy or dictatorship, there are always choices. We aren’t robots. Regardless of the huge or minimal government controls we grow up under, we can still make choices. Those choices influence and determine our lives. There are a lot of things we can blame on others, but responsibility for our choices stays with us.

We choose our friends. 
Our spouses, our churches, our clubs and our charities to support…we choose all of the people and institutions we have relationships with.

Bad company will eventually corrupt you. Good company will inspire you. Your choice.

We choose our careers.
Commission or salary. Work for yourself or work for someone else. Take some risk and go for big income or opt for security and settle for less. Work to get ahead or do just enough to get by. 

We choose where live.
We can move to places that energize us or just stay where we are.

A taxi driver in New York City complained so much about living and working there, all in one cab ride, that I said to him “Why don’t you move?” He said “Where would I go?” “ANYWHERE BUT HERE!” was my reply. Either shut up about it or move…it’s your choice if you’re miserable.

All art is about choices.
What an artist paints, the words an author chooses, what a photographer shoots, what a musician plays or the notes a composer writes…it’s all about choices. The more exquisite the choices, the better the result.

It’s your life…choose well.

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