Delaying dealing with a problem just makes it worse.

We see examples everywhere. It starts small…growing up, we postponed homework, we put off chores. They didn’t go away. They kept getting worse or became bigger problems because we let the time slip away instead of handling them.

The government makes the same mistake.
The national debt. It’s like your debts—postpone paying them long enough and the interest builds until they become almost insurmountable. The same with Social Security, immigration reform. They ignored Al Qaeda until they blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Do you think it was any accident they knew exactly who did it immediately afterward?

Your town does the same thing. Your state does the same thing.
They wait until someone is killed before they put up the traffic light. They ignore the exploding wildlife population that’s moving into our towns and threatening our children and pets. They are regularly eating dogs and cats, kids are next. They forbid hunters from hunting them and controlling the populations. They won’t even allow you to kill one in your yard to protect your family.

 They are postponing the problem, letting it grow…until people are attacked regularly. Then the misled, weak officials in charge will jump into action…too late.

Deal with problems while you can.
You can’t control the government. You can’t control others. But you can control you. You can look out for yourself and your loved ones and deal with problems that jump into your life. Deal with them now, before they grow and become nightmares.

The alarm is sounding. The bears are here, in the yard…sending a message, sending you and me a message.

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