It’s your life…
and it’s all about you.

Take a moment and think about what you want for your life. Here are 5 simple questions about your financial life.

The only one who needs to be satisfied with your answers to these questions is you

  1. How long have you been working in your job? Are you making progress or are you stuck?
  2. How much are you making? Are you making what you really need to be making? Are you making what you’re worth? Is more coming?
  3. How much are you saving? Treading water… or sinking? Getting ahead? Do you have money for the extras?
  4. Where are you headed in the next 5 years? Promotions, income, and savings…
  5. What can make it better? What are your realistic options?

The great thing about being free and living in a free country is that you can choose to make changes if you want to.

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