The ignorant don’t fly to the top

Anywhere—in anything. The ignorant are lazy, oblivious to what’s going on in the world. They often have raging, angry dogmatic opinions…but they’re wrong. They hear something outrageous somewhere as they go through the day, start repeating it without ever checking it out and wind up looking like fools when someone points out they’ve actually got their facts all wrong. This isn’t someone headed for a promotion or top leadership position. This isn’t someone who will start and build a successful business. This is someone who’signorance will be exposed quickly.

High achievers know the facts

They are curious. They want to be informed so they can make the best decisions, follow current trends and make the most of their time. They want to know enough of what’s really happening to be able to evaluate what they hear from the grapevine, the media or industry gurus. They want to be able to get ahead in life and they can’t do that following half-truths, worn out theories, or trends that have peaked.

Donald Trump gets up at 5 AM every day.

It’s time consuming to stay informed and he wants to get a head start. He reads stacks of newspapers, cuts out relevant articles and passes them on to his staff for follow-up. That’s a lot of effort but he knows to stay on top you have to do it.

The President starts every day with a detailed briefing.

He has a huge staff who stay up all night preparing for him. He certainly can’t be uninformed. They gather everything, from all over the world and then cull it down to the facts and issues he needs to be current on.

Doctors have tons of new research to pour through every day.

They actually have an impossible job and do well to stay on top of the highlights in their specialties. One friend of mine, a doc, told me there is so many new research articles coming out that even though he spends an hour a day reading, at that rate it would take him 100 years to cover what came out just that year alone. But he makes the effort because it’s the price of staying on the cutting edge of research, treatments and technology.

In the real world, if you don’t stay current on the true facts of what’s happening in your industry…you will be run over by those who do.

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