Most think of Gwen Stefani as a ‘sweet young thing.’
She came out of Orange County in Southern California years ago as the young female lead singer for the group No Doubt.

In addition to being an incredibly successful artist, over a longer time she has always defined style and has maintained fantastic shape. She has become a role model for many young women. Now she’s married and has children—yet she still maintains her youthful figure.

It’s easy to assume this just happens to her naturally.
What would you think—that she comes out of Southern California and everyone an Orange County is in great shape? It’s an athletic environment, almost automatic. It’s easy for her and it’s not fair. Obviously she doesn’t have to really lift a finger to maintain all of her great shape.

Oh sure, maybe she occasionally eats a salad…
but it couldn’t take much effort because aren’t people like her just naturally gifted with high metabolism, great genes and the ability to eat anything they want? It looks so easy and she’s maintained it for so many years you wouldn’t think it has been much of a challenge.

Especially with the heavy work load of doing many shows and things like that one would assume that her lifestyle just causes her to stay in such wonderful shape and maintain such a fantastic appearance. So imagine the shock when she answered a question about what she thought it took to maintain her appearance. People are always looking for hints, shortcuts something they can use that they never expect the truth. But her answer revealed she was no China doll.

It turns out that this pretty pussy cat of a woman is really a tiger inside. In one quick simple answer she lifted the veil on the price she pays to maintain her staggering success during her life. It wasn’t the answer people wanted to hear but it is the truth. Here’s what she said when asked, “how do you maintain your fabulous shape and fitness level?”

“It’s really pretty simple. You got to eat healthy, you got to work out and torture yourself!”

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