If you want to win you better get some real players. 

…Players that will be able to understand and do what you teach them. You aren’t going to win championships with duds, no matter who you are. 

The best coaches keep perspective
They know that the only thing that matters in coaching is the team. It doesn’t matter how good of a player the coach was and it doesn’t matter how smart the coach is, it’s the players who will be playing the game.

“It’s not what you know, it’s what they know that wins ball games.”
–College Coaching Legend Eddie Robinson

Magic Johnson was a GREAT player
He won 5 NBA Championships, 3 MVPs, 12 All Star Games and a member of the Hall of Fame. But that didn’t help him as a coach. He coached the Lakers for 11 games in 1994. When they lost 5 of their last 6, he decided coaching wasn’t for him. That was a good decision. Magic always has been a smart guy.

Few great players are great coaches
They don’t have the patience. They get frustrated when they tell, show and repeatedly explain how to get things done and their team still can’t do it. It drives them insane. 

All great coaches realize that they can’t ‘play God’ with their team.

  • The coach can coach, but the team has to play
  • The coach can call the play, the team has to run the play.
  • It doesn’t matter how bad the coach wants it, it matters how bad the team wants it

They may want success for their team more than they want it for themselves, but that isn’t going to matter once the game starts. 

If you want to win you better get players that are good enough, smart enough and driven enough to do it!

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