One thing you can be sure of whenever you build a house, it is going to cost you more than you expect.  

It’s not just you. Ever notice what happens every time the Pentagon submits their projections for building a plane or a new battleship.

The same happens when Congress authorizes building a new bridge or new highway project. By the time the projects are completed…SHOCK…cost overruns!

Things always take longer, cost more.
You could almost automatically add 30 percent on to the expected price of any house you might plan to build. It’s also a safe bet that you can take almost any project that you’re starting, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before, and assume it’s going to take WAY more effort, way more cost of every kind than you expect. So don’t be surprised once you get involved in a project and certainly don’t stop just because you’ve got a cost or time overrun.  

Go after things you really want
Before you start anything, make sure that even if it goes over budget, costs more, in either time or money, it’s still going to be worth it. Be sure it’s that important to you. Otherwise don’t start.

Because if it’s not that important, don’t even start the project because you’re likely to spend time, spend money, and then decide not to finish it when it drags on and you lose interest. Terrible. What a waste.

So be smart, think ahead.
Take the time to LOOK before you LEAP. That’s why it’s called planning. It’s worth taking a little time to be sure you know what you’re getting into. You don’t want to over analyze things because then you might talk yourself out of some things you really want to do. All you need to do is…

Be prepared for things to cost more than you expect so you only pursue the things that really matter.

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