Want big things?

If you want something big to change in your life, if you want to go after some big achievement you better run! 

Life is too short.  
Whatever it is you want, you are going also want to get there as fast as possible! Why? So you have as long as possible to enjoy it. If you have a goal of greatness you’re going to be miserable until you get there. Why drag it out?  

Run to it!
Chase it. Things always take longer and cost more than we expect, especially the first time we are going for them, so run. Move as fast as you can. Compress time frames so you can get there as quickly as possible and get the maximum enjoyment out of your achievement.  

The bigger the challenge, the harder you must run
There’s a reason that when the young shepherd boy David fought the 7’ giant Goliath he RAN at him.

It was do or die! Ask anyone who has started a new company. In the beginning it almost always turns into an around the clock commitment. People want to get past the pain to the fun side as fast as possible.

That’s why my theme song is “Runnin’ Down A Dream,” by Tom Petty.  

If you want something go get it. Now. Fast. Run. 

Crank up the volume and get moving…

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