There’s a funny thing about rules…

Unless you follow them you doom yourself to failure…and that’s not a happy thing. Anything that you do is probably something you’d like to turn out successfully. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. When was the last time you said to your family and friends “Hey!  I’ve got an idea, let’s go over to ___ and try to do ___ then fail at it. That will be fun won’t it”?

There’s no game you can win consistently unless you know the rules.

Occasionally a rookie will get involved in something that they know nothing about, and what do you know, they won. But they’re not going to win again. If they want to do that they’ve got to learn the rules. It’s annoying of course, some things seem to have so many rules. But the all have a purpose and the sooner you learn them the sooner you can be successful.

There are rules to everything you do in life.
Want to run a business? There are rules. Want to get married, have kids and raise a family? There are rules.  Want to be successful in a sport? There are rules.  Want to take a fun vacation in a foreign country? There are rules.

But it doesn’t end there. After you learn the rules of your “game” there’s something else you need to know that will help you be successful in what you’re doing. Those are the rules of success.

SUCCESS has 2 Rules:

  1. You Must PAY FULL PRICE (there are no discounts on success).
  2. You Must PAY IN ADVANCE

There are no short cuts to success. Also, you can’t wait until you win your gold medal at the Olympics before you start training for it. You have to put in all the work, sacrifices and training before you compete. Even then success is never guaranteed. All the work an effort you put in simply gives you a chance at your medal but it does dramatically increase your odds of winning.

Success becomes a lot more likely once you learn the rules.

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