The Mark of Greatness

Any team can have a great game. 

A good team can have a great year. Teams come together, they get some lucky breaks and bingo, they have a winning season. But great teams have staying power. A great team has LOTS of great years. 

Any player can have a great game.
Good players can surprise you. At any given time in any given game, they can catch on fire when everything just seems to work. Somehow they get in the zone. They have an unusual burst of energy and focus, things start to go their way and on that day they become the star.  

But a great player is different.
A great player is going to have LOTS of great games. In fact, everyone is surprised when they don’t have a great game and shocked when they turn in the rare bad one. 

That’s how they establish their greatness.
Time and time again, in all kinds of circumstances, they come through with clutch performances and lead their team to victory. They prove in competition that you can count on them. They not only have the ability, they’ve got the drive and hunger that pushes them to find a way to win – no matter what. 

Everyone and every team wants to be great.
And most have that possibility. But it comes down to how BAD you want it.  

  • Do you want it bad enough to push yourself when nobody is looking, to do the extras that most won’t do and to over-prepare yourself for greatness? 
  • Do you want it so bad that when the game is on you give it everything you’ve got right up through the last second…fighting to overcome any obstacle that stands between you and winning? 

That’s what great players and teams do. As a result they have lots of great games.

The scoreboard tells the story.
If you want to be great, do the numbers. Build a winning track record that tells the world who you are. That record is yours and no one can take it from you. They may quibble, they may criticize, but they can’t dispute your credentials.  

It’s the numbers that establish greatness…not opinions, talent, ability or potential.

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