Shock! Imperfect People Won the Superbowl!

I know and I’m writing this 4 days before it happened.

Somebody is getting ready to win the SuperBowl. I don’t know WHO’S going to win but I know ONE thing about them. I don’t know either teams game plan, but I know one thing ABOUT those game plans. 

It doesn’t take a prophet to know a lot about the game in advance.

All it takes is a little perspective and knowledge about how EVERYTHING works. This powerful perspective can do YOU a lot of good as you prepare for and play the “Super Bowls” of your life. It can help you maintain your toughness and intensity as you go through life facing your biggest challenges.  

Here’s how the Super Bowl will play out.

Of course by the time this is posted you and the whole world will know how the game turned out. What I’m telling you now is how I see it 4 days early.  

  • Someone will win and someone will lose.  
  • Back and forth they went—both had their chances.  
  • Both teams made mistakes.  
  • The referees made questionable calls.  
  • The referees made terrible calls. 
  • Players made mistakes they never make.
  • Coaches made blunders they never made.  
  • Key players got injured and knocked out of the game.  
  • Unpredictable things happened. 

Players were furious with themselves, with other players, with the coaches and the referees. Coaches were furious with players and referees. Everybody was furious about something. 

All of this was happening on both sides of the field.

In spite of all this bungling, chaos and confusion, some pretty good football was played. Some amazingly exciting individual and team play occurred. 

Some things actually turned out right. Some players no one expected to do anything came in and stole the show. In spite of all the bad luck there was actually some good luck. And believe it or not there was a winner.  

I don’t know what’s going to happen.

But I know things will NOT be going to happen according to the well laid out plans of the coaching staffs. They won’t be perfect…but one team will win anyway.

Here’s the moral of the story:

Don’t worry about not being perfect. Don’t worry about your mistakes. Worry about what you need to get done. Worry about getting the best out of what you have to work with. Worry about winning. Keep fighting every second until your game is over.  

Focus Not On Being Perfect, But Being Good Enough To Win.

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