Bad Days Can Make or Break You

You’re going to have a bad day

So don’t fall apart when it happens. It says a lot about your character and determination. In fact, your reaction says a lot about your character your determination. It’s very revealing about your belief in yourself and your team.   

Nothing reveals more then your reaction to defeat.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s your fault or not, when you get beat what matters is your response. Will you stay on track or will you let a one time defeat totally derail? Will you panic, lose your focus and let it put a pin in your balloon and ruin it forever?  

It’s revealing to watch this play out in professional sports 

Earlier this season the San Francisco 49ers got beat in an extremely tough loss. Afterwards how did the coach react? That’s  a key because to a large extent, the head man’s reaction will have a big influence on how the team reacts.

Facing reporters immediately after the game, Coach Jim Harbaugh looked with steely eyes into the camera and a frown on his face, and said,

“We had a bad day. We are going to have

to suck it up, improve and move on.”

What happened next?

They improved, won and made the playoffs. In the playoffs they beat the Greenbay Packers and the Atlanta Falcons earning the right to advance to the Super Bowl. Because their coach wasn’t going to let them make excuses or panic in the face of disaster, they were able to stay on track, improve and get right back into a winning mode. That’s how you develop the toughness it takes to become a champion.  

You don’t allow bad days to break you. You use them to help make you great.

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