What Every Celebrity Asks Oprah

Her top rated TV show made her the Queen of TV.

They all came to see her.It was the place to be.Anyone who was anyone was on her show.From international to local politicians.The best selling authors all came.So did the biggest movie stars, musicians, singers, and famous athletes of all sports.The best of the best sat in her chair.They all came to see the Queen.

And they all performed.

They brought their best stuff.They made sure they looked good.They smiled and were entertaining. They told their best jokes.They wanted to impress her and they wanted to impress her audience.They prepared and they gave it their best. This was their moment in the big spotlight.

These should be the most secure people in the world.

They’re all winners.They’re all high achievers.They had competed and risen to the top of their profession.They knew they were good.Everyone told them they were good. They looked good from the outside, but in fact, you find that behind the mask they seemed to be riddled with many of the same doubts and insecurities as everyone else.  

They’re stars, but they aren’t immune from doubts.

That should be encouraging to all who want to duplicate their success.It should be encouraging to those on their way up the ladder that the stars aren’t impervious to pressure.It’s not that they never have doubt, it’s that they use those doubts to make themselves better.  

  • It keeps them on their toes.
  • It makes them prepare more.
  • It causes them to continue to make the extra effort required to be great.  

Their success didn’t come “naturally”.It came because they worked to overcome their insecurities.They weren’t going to let insecurity keep from winning. Once they reached the top those same insecurities drive them to continue to pay the price of greatness.Others may think they have “arrived” but they don’t.  

Want proof? Here’s proof…

Amazingly, over the years, when they finished their performance and the lights were off, they all had a personal question for Oprah. Can you believe that it was exactly the same question?  

They all asked Oprah…”How did I do?” 

Isn’t that interesting?Every single one wanted feedback to make sure they’d done a good job.  

Of course since Oprah is such a kidder she told them all “You were terrible”. Alright, I made that up. I kid the superstars.  

Here’s the point:

The stars are human just like you.They have the same worries and doubts you have but they overcome them.You can too.  

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