Nothing—if it was written by somebody who has “done something.”

Unfortunately that’s not most of them. Like Art Williams says, “They tell you “almost” what it takes to win.”

Most never did anything, so they don’t really what to tell you. They watch and observe and think that makes them experts. They give you lists of thing to do, from their studies. They  give you formulas of how others have done it. They say follow the formula and you’ll win, because that’s what they saw someone else do.

What they don’t know is that the Winners they are copying could probably have won using any one of a dozen game plans. If they had to repeat their success they would certainly do a lot of things totally differently. Same philosophy, same values, same principles but totally different plans.
The things they did got them the results they were looking for at that point in time.
But circumstances always change and what makes certain people win and others not is their burning desire to overcome any and all obstacles and surprises.
They are focused on winning and they’ll do whatever fits that exact situation, at that particular time.

Here’s where they go wrong:
The problem is, watching a gorilla doesn’t make you a gorilla. You may have worked at the zoo for 20 years, you may have lived in the jungle with them, but you still have no clue as to how they really think. You can describe their actions, but you can’t say what’s going on in their minds. It’s the same with many self appointed experts. These experts tell you what other successful people did, but they don’t tell you what you most need to know. What is that? It’s how to handle the sudden surprises, the things that go wrong while you’re doing it heading towards your goal.

And as we all know, things are going wrong all the time. When you have won and done big things, you learn the little things you need to know that make the difference between winning and losing. By doing winning, you learn what it takes to win. You know what it takes. When you haven’t won, you may think you know, but you don’t. 

If you want coaching, get it from someone who has done it big and won. They actually know what they are talking about—the others “almost” know. And “almost” is just not good enough.


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