Are You Getting Stale?

If you feel you've lost your mojo, it may be time to move on.

Many have that empty feeling in their stomach; they feel they’re wasting their time – going nowhere. They aren’t challenged. They aren’t moving up.

If that’s you, maybe it’s because you’re in the wrong spot. It could be a tell-tale sign that you need to move on to a different situation. It could be a wake up call.

That’s the conclusion Bill Orender, a leader in Primerica, reached. He had his plans, dreams and interests, and he found the companies he worked for had their own plans for him. What he wanted didn’t really matter. You can’t really blame them for that. It’s the nature of holding a job: there are things they need you to do if you’re going to stay there. They have their agenda, and you have yours. When they line up together, great! If not, you have a problem, because they aren’t going to adapt to make you happy.

If your energy is gone, you need to think about moving on.
There are valid reasons for this, and it’s not that you are just a malcontent who can’t fit in. If you keep doing the same things, just trying to get by, eventually you will become stale. That’s true in all areas of life, but especially true working on a salary in big government or big corporations.

The skills it takes to survive in those environments involve finding ways to make yourself fit into the position you’re hired for, and to adapt to the culture of the company.  Usually your tasks and systems are assigned to you. No one really cares that you have better ideas; they want you to just do your job. They don’t care – actually they can’t care about your hopes and dreams for the future. They can’t really care too much about what you hope to achieve in your position, because they’re just an employee grinding away like you in the big machine.

One place to find more freedom, flexibility and rewards for initiative is in a small company on the way up. But, it’s only when you have a business of your own that you fully have these kinds of freedoms and the opportunity to pursue these kinds of dreams.

You have freedom of choice. Use it to find a stimulating environment that will give you the chance to keep growing and moving up in your career.

Face it: Getting stale means your interest has died and that means it’s time for a change.


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