“I’m different.”

The entitled really think they deserve special treatment. They don’t think they should have to start at the bottom and work their way up. They think they are a cut above, a big cut above most others. They think they are on another level.

Now they don’t see it that way
They would tell you they are “hard workers.” They would tell you they don’t want something for nothing. They’ll tell you they have had to work for everything they have ever gotten. But they’re just talking. They don’t even understand the words they’re saying…just like babies.

They aren’t rotten, they’re just immature.

All babies are entitled. They are totally dependent on others and they expect to be taken care of, immediately! If you don’t they’ll let you know. They expect you to be at their beck and call. 

It makes sense because we brought them here…they didn’t ask to come. If we are responsible for getting them here…they expect us to do our job and take care of them!

But you are supposed to grow up!
Step by step, as you grow from being totally dependent on others to becoming totally independent on your own. The last piece of this journey is getting to where you support yourself…you make your own money! 

  • It only makes sense because when you’re grown you want to make your own decisions about your life and it’s reasonable to expect you to pay for them.
  • The feeling of entitlement dies when confronted with the real world of making your own income. The realities of earning your own way teaches you how the world works. 
  • You learn your value is established by what you do. You realize no one has any sympathy for you because they have to earn their own way too…and no one has any sympathy for them either.

Step by step, entitlement disappears and maturity emerges…it’s called growing up. 

But until they have to earn their own way they’ll never understand…because inside, they think THEY are different. So be patient…you were a baby once too.

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