If You’re Not Making Money, You’re Not A Business

Everybody involved in a business must understand this fundamental truth.


The primary purpose of a business is to make money. You provide a service or make something useful, and if it’s any good, you make money.

Money Magnet

If you aren’t money motivated, you are dangerous to yourself and anyone for whom you make business decisions. The danger is that you’re going to drive your company into the ground, and you’ll be out on the street along with all of the people that work for you. They’re certainly not going to be getting promotions and having a lot of fun.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, you have to change your thinking right now. You need to immediately get money motivated, or go to work for someone who is.

If that doesn’t sound right to you, then you absolutely MUST quit and go into the ministry or do charity work—something where you can make a contribution, and where your paycheck isn’t important.

“Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.” —Scott Alexander

If You’re In Business, Make Money

This isn’t open to debate, discussion or opinion. It’s absolute.

I’m not saying you have to make obscene profits, but you MUST be profitable or you won’t survive.

Failing Businessman

The never ending goal of owning, and operating a business is to make money.

There are several tips we can provide to you to help you generate a more profitable business. Forbes writer, Bernhard Schroeder, recommends:

1) Manage your cash flow.

2) Identify key business metrics.

3) Learn everything.

4) Understand your gross margin.

Work now. You won’t have your top health forever.

Work now. You won't have your top health forever. Click To Tweet

Well run companies make money. Poorly run companies don’t. Everyone working at the company must understand this.

It doesn’t matter if they are on a salary, they need to understand their job is to help their company be efficient, run well and be profitable.

I don’t want anyone on my staff who isn’t money motivated. Their job is to help me make money, not shuffle papers and draw a paycheck.

People who don’t understand this create problems—that’s why they’re dangerous.

It’s like having an enemy inside your camp.

Head Stuck in the Sand

Non-Money Motivated People and Why They’re Dangerous

I’m listing these character traits because I want to make sure you don’t have any of them. These character traits will stain you and your reputation in a company.

You want to look like a winner, work like a winner, talk like a winner, and smell like a winner. You do not want to look like a non-money motivated person.

      • Here’s what non-money motivated people look like:
    • They waste time—what’s the rush? They slow everyone else down. It’s like the slow car on the interstate and everyone else is going 70 mph, and they’re going 40 mph. There’s a reason why you can get a ticket for driving too slowly—because you’re a danger to all of the other cars driving out there.
    • They are lazy—why be on time, why hustle? The reason why is if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. Laziness is contagious, it has to be stopped in its tracks.
    • They are excuse makers. When they screw up, it doesn’t bother them—it’s not their fault. They feel entitled. They’ll go through the motions but don’t count on them for anything extra. And the truth of the matter is that companies who succeed are full of people from top to bottom that consistently do the extras because doing the extras is what makes you special. It’s also how you find ways to do things quicker, faster, and better.
    • They are irresponsible—nothing matters to them. This wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t represent you to the public. If they sent out a letter, it would be full of spelling and grammatical errors. If they say they’re going to return a phone call, they don’t do it.
    • They are time wasters—of theirs and everyone else’s. They show up late, leave early, and they’re always looking for a reason to slow down and stop.
    • They never improve.The idea of improving is something that never crosses their mind and as a result they do the same thing the same way over and over, and get bored and dissatisfied with their job as a result. It’s not the job, it’s them.

      People who don't understand the importance of being money motivated create problems. It's like having an enemy inside your camp. Click To Tweet

    • They are negative. Talk about being contagious, negativity is more contagious than COVID-19. Unfortunately, you can’t quarantine people on the team—so they’ve got to be removed. If you’re the one spewing negativity, you need to quarantine yourself for a while to renew the freedom that we all enjoy.
    • They are takers, not givers. All they think about is themselves and they evaluate everything through the filter of “how does that affect me?” The idea that you have to give certain things to get other things does not ever occur to them. They’re happy to get all the presents at Christmas or on their birthday but when it’s time for them to give you anything, you’re lucky to get a pair of cheap socks.
    • They are delusional—they think they are the good guys. The problem with losers is that they think they’re winners. They do not have the capacity to realize what they’re projecting to the world and the contribution they’re really making.
    • They have no backbone—anything is ok with them. They’re like jellyfish, spineless. Any error or mistake can easily be explained away.
    • They are indecisive. They never do anything so as a result they never develop even the minimal amount of self confidence to perform and that indecision paralyzes them. When you’re paralyzed, all you do is continue to unwind and decay and become a worse version of what you were last week, last month, last year. Think about your house or car. If it’s abandoned and left alone, what’s going to happen. They’ll fall apart. The car will rust, the weeds will grow at your house, the pain will peel, cracks will form in the windows, here come the insects, and it will turn into a dump. When you are indecisive and don’t keep moving forward, the same types of things happen to you in every area of your life and everything you touch.
Business Declining

Non-Money Motivated Leaders and Why They’re Dangerous

The job of a leader is to produce results. If you’re properly money motivated, you think right, you act right, you treat people right, and you get the right results consistently.

    Here’s what non-money motivated leaders look like:

  • They inspire no one. We all need motivation. It’s like water. You can’t just tell your lawn to grow if it hasn’t rained. It needs water. Plants need moisture to live and we need inspiration and motivation to be at our best as well. Every team, company, and family is a reflection of the people in charge. If they’re inspired or depressed, guess where that comes from?


  • They can’t be depended on to get the job done. Because they aren’t money motivated, it’s not important to them to see projects through to the end.


  • They really have nothing to teach their followers. No one wants to follow a negative, non-motivating, sitting duck.


  • They destroy the enthusiasm of young people on their team. People who don’t work hard always have a bad attitude. A bad attitude kills their work ethic and the work ethic of those around them.


  • They run off talented people. Truly talented people will sniff out a phony and, instead, surround themselves with money motivated winners.


  • They get the least out of their team, never the most. A leader with a negative, non-money motivated attitude isn’t going to drive their team to give it their all.


  • They push their work off on those underneath them. Delegating work is important, but pushing work off onto those underneath you isn’t productive for anyone. Money motivated leaders lead by example and work just as hard as those below them.


  • They are paranoid, threatened, and create a negative environment. Because non-money motivated leaders are insecure in their businesses and leadership skills, it reflected in their environment and drains the people in it.


  • They easily lose focus and lead their team off track. Because the leader does not have goals determined from being money motivated, they cannot lead their team to success.


  • They provide a role model of mediocrity for their team. The leader determines the work ethic, motivation, and determination of their group. A non-money motivated leader will be uninspiring to those who follow them.

It’s not good enough to just have a business of your own. You’ve got to make it a profitable business—a money making business. Those are the kinds that last.

Raining Money with Clock

What can you implement in your business to be more money motivated?


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