4 Steps to a New Winning Game Plan

If the same old approach isn't getting results, it's time for a new plan of attack.

If you’re stuck or not getting the results you need, it’s time to get things moving in the right direction. Here are 4 steps to help.

1. Evaluate the competition.

Learn from them. Assume they know something you don’t know. They have an angle. Assume they seesomething you don’t see. Their focus is different. Use their ideas to beat them. Take away their advantage and use it for yourself. Assume that if they have something you can use it to get better. Realize and accept there are reasons some win and some don’t. Learn from the winners. Do NOT listen to losers. What do they know?… Only how to lose.

2. Work Harder. 

Assume they were working harder than you. Now out-work them. Even a dumb dumb knows you can’t “lazy your way” to Greatness. Work like you expect to Win.
Work so that everyone expects you will win.

3. Trim Waste

Prune the dead limbs. Cut back time you spend on unproductive People, Processes, Presentations, Products, Meetings, Ideas. Eliminate time and energy wasters. Ignore time wasters. Run negative people out of your life. Out with the trash. They are radioactive waste. Free up time and energy for positives.

4. Pump Up Positives.

Find ways and time to Focus your energy on fewer things and people. Give preferential attention to biggest producers. The biggest rewards go to biggest producers. Notice every new positive thing that happens. Celebrate every little success—they are important. Saturate your conversations with more talk about Successes and Success stories.

Now Take Your New Plan and Attack. Don’t worry about it being Perfect – Nothing is perfect and you can make improvements as you go.

You can’t waste the rest of your life planning. Once you have enough things in place to get you excited and energized you know you are ready to go!

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